Celebration Time!!

CJ runs home after a well placed ball to the outfield clears the way for him.

Reese Miller throws to pick off a runner on second on a good defensive effort against the Phillies.

After a giant leap to snag the ball, the short stop made a great heads up play to get the runner out.

The runner and the ball both arrive at the plate at the same time but just not in the same location.  The runner has is foot on the plate and the ball is just off the glove of the catcher (Reese Miller).

Cameron Bonnett slides head first into home to score on an in-the-park homer.  Head Coach Randy Bonnett can be seen in the background cheering his son on.  Padres lost to the Phillies 16-17.

Padres catcher Reese Miller unloads a deep shot to center to bounce the ball off the fence.  Padres sealed the victory.

Ultimate Frisbee Championship - Florida State University


Focusing before the event

Senior portrait for Chris Flessas

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